Adobe Acrobat and 3D content

I’ve read in a magazine article and confirmed on Adobe’s website that you can embed (apparently only with Acrobat Pro) 3D content into the PDF files and the Reader can display and allow the reader to rotate the model, and perhaps run your predesigned views. It lets you embed U3D models. (Universal 3D)

Does anyone else have any detail on this?

Here is a link to the adobe info:

This would be a great way to deliver models to people as portfolio pieces or for project preview, since Adobe Acrobat reader is a pretty stable, mature and free viewer. I don’t know much about the Linux version, but it’s out dated unfortunately. If there was Reader 7.0 for Linux it would help a lot.

Ok, It didn’t take long, I found some samples.

If you are on Mac or Windows and have Reader 7.0 you can see these PDFs with the 3D content.

Pretty cool I think.

I’m happy with the end result of the model I played with. Decent speed. I feel myself wanting to rotate the canvas with the MMB though. It’s certainly not as controllable as blender, but still.

Looks like they do have it for Linux. It was listed in the downloads. So Hopefully that 3D option is there for it tool. this would mean a pretty sizeable cost to get Acrobat Professional, but on the other hand, if it’s a good way to demonstrate, and deliver walk throughs etc, it would probably be worth it to some.

So when will blender get an Export to Acrobat U3D python script? =)