Adobe changes licensing for Allegorithmic programs again

Allegorithmic blog

No more perpetual licenses soon, and Indy moved to Steam…
It was to be expected, despite the assurances of the Allegortihmic crew… Sigh…

Next big news will probably be all this will be moved into the CC subs I guess…



Next to Blender’s procedural node improvements I’m keeping an eye on the progress of Armorpaint.


If they add this to my existing CC subscription, I’m for it. But do they do it? I don’t think so.

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I noticed Substance Player seems to be a thing of the past now. Would have been nice to know ,so we could have downloaded latest version.

It is still a very powerful and nice tool, but owned by a shitty company. So basically like Maya, Max, Mari, Modo, Cinema 4D…

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Have you watched all the Mask Tools addon videos? It is a fantastic toolset and with the addition of a layer/material painting system could easily replace Substance Painter.


Nobody forced them to sell their soul to Adobe - they are just sellouts.

After all, there are companies like Pixologic, which seem to be pretty independent and still do OK (but I don’t actually know who the investors etc are).

Too bad there isn’t any alternatives on par with Substance Designer or Painter… There are tools like TexGraph (which Gamefromscratch YT channel reviewed just few days ago) but no proper alternatives.


Yeah, my SP indie maintenance just expired. Was paying $75 a year to keep SP up to date, as opposed to subscription price, which I know is tons more annually… But I don’t plan to upgrade further. I believe I’ll be able to keep using the highest version I was able to download (SP ver 2019.2.3), right?

Edit: I just checked my account page, and I’m still able to upgrade my license thru Nov2020 for $75… so the very same deal that I’ve always had is still there for me. It doesn’t say I need to go to Steam or anything…

I’ve only used it for like 20 minutes thus far, but the LayerPainter addon seems pretty decent… a poor-man’s SP. It’s only $20, and like a SP Jr… Keeps improving though, apparently. I’ll need to dl the latest ver and fire it up again first chance I get. And I’ve been meaning to check out ArmorPaint.


Have you looked at 3D Coat? Excellent software and no subscription.

3D coat. at least you can paint across multiple separate objects…

a little but bugged tho…

As expected.

And be ready for the next step.

No more app to DL!
Use the tool connected via 5G and pay with your soul. NVidia & Ericsson got your back.

Pretty much the boat we are all in, but honestly I’m wondering how this will impact blender.

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Yeah, I own 3DCoat too… barely use it. And will prolly never need to any more, as I am becoming one bad mutha****er in Blender… Wanna buy my 3DC Pro license? I think they can transferred…

There are currently two SD alternatives in the works.


Material Maker

Both are free to download from for now. Texgraph is not Open Source, but it allows the creation of custom GLSL nodes.

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Hi, sincerly don’t know why to complaint about the subscription.
Been a freelance working from time to time, subscriptions are good (at least if they don’t want a full year), so I can have a full licence program for few bucks for the current project I’m working on, instead to pay a full price licence and using it for few projects in a year. And you have to add maintenance price if you want to be updated, while subscription, well, is sugar coat to eat the pill: you pay monthly but you access always to the last version, which is good in a lot of cases, where softwares are always updated or, better, bugs fixed.
I was against subscriptions, but, after some projects with clients and tight budget, I changed point of view.
Just to let you know, I hated they sold to Adobe and I stopped the subscription, I don’t like any kind of acquisition, especially in CG, bad things happen like layoffs, change of developing or the death of the bought software (did someone say Softimage? sniff sniff), but, hey, it’s hard world out there and developers are paying-bills people too, so they do their choice, I do mine, let’s move on.
My two cents.

P.S. And I have Blender Cloud subscription too :wink:

The subscription model isn’t the issue. The issue is before Adobe, you had a choice of subscription or perpetual. And if you went subscription, you also paid towards owning a perpetual. Then the acquisition happened, and Allegorithmic said not to worry, nothing would change. So they flat out lied.

And everyone knew it was a lie and not just a change of plans, because everyone saw it coming the moment Adobe was mentioned.


This can bite you in the ass if you have to maintain old projects. I have one particular project that was done in Max years ago. Now the customer wants little changes/additions now and then. He is a good customer, so I don’t want to overcharge him and I have migrated other project from this customer to Blender. But for each of these little changes in that one project I need a Max liscense and the price I can charge barely covers the cost.

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Ah, ok, I see your point.

Having your projects hijacked via subs just sucks. I’m a previous Softimage user, and the moment AD canceled the application, I knew all my old projects were in trouble.
It just sucks you cannot install older software you paid for for years, just to rescue your old stuff.

Agree on this, this is what makes transition way harder and what more these problems come up in time (year, one, two,… later) and sure as hell it is one of those day you would least expect/want that. Yeah… 3ds max 2016 PERPETUAL license my ass…