Adobe gets full access to all your work now. Remember to read the ToS

Just a PSA…
The industry is starting to make a roar about the new ToS so I thought I would help spread the news.
Thank you Blender for being Blender.

Edit: On twitter others have read further down in the ToS and there are lines stating that adobe can license your work out to sub-contractors without your permission.


Crazy times with content companies rushing to sell your work to the highest bidder, which I bet are AI training models.


Is this new? I feel like this is pretty standard ToS boilerplate at this point (sadly)


I know right? It seems like almost every DCC visual or written out there is doing this. We as a collective really need to push back with our wallets. Let’s see what comes of the latest bs from Adobe.

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I think this derives increased significance in conjunction with another part of the TOS, where Adobe grants itself the privilege to review user creations at its leasure, I’m citing from their update notice:

Clarified that we may access your content through both automated and manual methods, such as for content review


yet another reason that I’ll keep using my Adobe CS6 suite (purchased in 2008) until the day I die. :dizzy_face:


I actually switched to the suite of Affinity products a few years ago. After the UI learning curve I haven’t missed a beat. Affinity just got bought out so I’m a little nervous…

This is all about being able to feed everything that goes into their software into AI models. Since they probably use a third party like OpenAI for their backend, they need to be able to sublicense your works.

Krita is pretty darn good these days.


Yes, when Adobe announced their Firefly AI program they marketed it as ‘ethical AI’ - a nice bit of immoral corporate gibberish to use in their ad campaign knowing that their Tos already sidesteps the ethical question, technically, because they own all the rights to all the work.


The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.


We are pretty much doomed at this point and it is not only Adobe, practically all corporate companies, tec, telephone, banks etc write out abusive tos and contracts that we have absolutely no choice but to accept unless we can live without, unfortunately there are a lot of them that you simply can not live without in this modern world ie no bank account no money.


It really depends on where you live at this point. I believe that in the EU, EULA’s (olol) are only binding so long as they’re reasonable, constrained to things that a person of sound mind would actually agree to if it weren’t buried in hundreds of pages of legalese.

Companies have every right protect their IP, change the pricing models on their subscription services, et al., but they can’t enforce a clause that states that since you used their product, they legally own everything you’ve ever made with it.


Well yes, but imagine taking the bank (or any large corporate) to court, pay layers, continuous never ending claims and counter claims and after maybe 10-15 or more years of legal and financial hell you may win (a gamble). Recently here in Spain, abusive mortgage clauses were accepted in court, over 20 years after they were in written. Most of us do not have all the paperwork to claim the money back.


I wonder if they are only accessing what is put up on their storage cloud or if they intend on scraping my hard drive for .ai and .psd? And I wonder how that works with proprietary output for my customers and their customers.


If you block your Adobe programs from accessing the internet- a good idea generally- they can’t scrape from you :wink:


I’m in Spain too. Interestingly, Substance (Adobe) have used my Substance Modeler work in their GDC/Substance Days presentations a few times and each time - as recently as 2 months ago - I have had to sign release forms giving them permission to use my work for each specific event.

I suppose that’s the end of that then, if these new Tos are in effect now.


Yeah, there is that.

That clause is likely in there to cover Adobe’s asses against some off the wall legal issues that may or may not ever arise, but the fact remains that it’s in there, and for those who use their products, all they can really do is hope they don’t actualize on it.

Or in short, it’s probably not the end of the world, but it’ll leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouths.


Yes like AI producing images using the users work as reference.

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That is the new fly in the ointment, isn’t it? I need to start considering that more.

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It’s probably the former, cuz the latter would be a level of creepy most people wouldn’t feel comfortable with. Something I’m sure even Adobe is well aware of.

Just watch your internet traffic when you’re working in PS or ID. If it’s spiking more than usual, then get suspicious. Do what Joseph said.