adobe ilustrator to blender alternate method

ok this is my firtst tut here so il try to keep as to the point as possible iv unearthed a method talked about in this furum many many moons ago for getting fron an ilustrateor document to a blender poly. if you don’t like tri’s in you mesh this might not be the best method for you.

ok first youl need a programme called wings 3d so go ahead and download that its free and cross platform

ok so start in you ai document make what ever you want to import useing only fill paths and compund paths nothing else dont even stroke them. make shure you go to object > path > add anchor points if your object looks blocky (repeat if necessary)

now save them for ai 8

ok in wings go import ai you should see your object apper in 3d

now export your object as wavefornt (.obj)

import to blender and you done

iv fond this method to save me a little time on things that dont require subsufing (tho i have has sucsess subserfing aswell but have had to do some prep work on the tri’s)