Adobe Photoshop 1.0 Sourcecode released...

Might be a bit outdated, and not a 100% fit for Blender and CG Discussion, but you can’t argue that PS 1.0 was an important part of CG :slight_smile:

If anyone’s interested:

It was 1989, nearly in the 90s. It always get’s me that that’s almost a quarter of a century ago :open_mouth:
If Adobe hasn’t done anything for me today, at least they made me feel old.

Amazing is the RGB sliders in a monochrome tool.
Apple had colors before there were colors… hipsters. :smiley:

That’s pretty cool. Even back then it had pretty much the same icons (actually CS6 I think has new ones). First version I ever used was Photoshop 5.5, which was around 10 years after this version was out. :0

Another two years and it will officially be an antique.