Adobe reveals new policy to force people to upgrade their CC apps

So if you’re using an older version of Photoshop because you see as a golden build compared to newer, and it’s more than 2 versions old, Adobe is now saying you must update or face legal trouble.

This could potentially have implications for Substance users even though the licensing of those apps. are still independent. In general, an acquired company will eventually be absorbed fully into the parent company’s business model much like what we just saw with the Nest smart-home brand. Fortunately there’s already a number of Photoshop alternatives with user-friendly business models and pricing.

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Yup, Adobe free life is just so beautiful & care free :hugs:… been elsewhere since the dark cloud covered the shiny sky and the land got cold, stinky, full of mold and other world artificial lifeforms :microbe::mosquito::japanese_goblin:

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So Dolby says Apple can no longer use their bits of data within Photoshop or other SW, so all users of older versions might get sued by Dolby for using the stuff that resides there? Well, Adobe will never force me to upgrade to their subscription service… even though I don’t use any of their products at home.

All other opinions on piracy aside, this is actually a good first step to make pirating the software be less risky then using it legit.

while not being a ‘full’ replacement by any length, I always like the opportunity to tell people about:

one guy made a online photoshop version that rivals a 20bn $ company… and is about a megabyte in size compared to the 2 or whatever gigs of photoshop nonsense.

On that note - i still wonder why there is only affinity as a real competitor… 2d image math is not that hard

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I use Krita, which is more “painterly” but it’s still an excellent (and free) program. At work I use Photoshop occasionally, but it’s gotten to be so sluggish and bloated that I dread opening it.

There’s a similar discussion on Reddit as well.

-IF- you’re not stuck with Adobe for any reason, the Affinity products are the best commercial option out there imho. Photo and Designer even have some tricks of their own. And 50 bucks each is a steal.
For editing and compositing have a look at the free offerings of Blackmagic Fusion and Resolve. If you need more functionality, the Pro offerings don’t break the bank either. Although for some they might be too expensive.

For free software, Gimp and Krita are great as well. There’s some other free editing & compositing packages out there as well.

So, enough alternatives if you’re not locked into the Adobe ecosystem somehow.


The pitfalls of rental only software models…

Meh, CS6 is still working fine for me.

just to be sure i’m not losing anything in the case:

  • Dolby and Adobe had an contract of some sort (not you, as Adobe’s customer, and Dolby, the two companies between themselves)

  • Adobe refused to present basic information that Dolby needed to charge Adobe correctly for the usage of their technology. (again, Adobe refused, not you, as Adobe’s customer).

  • Dolby is suing Adobe because of it (again, Adobe, not the cusomer)

  • And Adobe not only remove access to a purchased product, but says THE CUSTOMER could face legal action because of a lot of events he never had any kind of power over?

What is Dolby’s official statement on this? To me it looks like Adobe is trying to put their past customers against a litigator and force them to subscribe to something they don’t want, all in the same move.
This not only seems unethical, but possibly violate some kind of customer rights.

Ironically, the legal, correct option to use the software is more cumbersome than the “alternative”… again

That’s for the citizen of American States and provinces where users are under direct power of the EULA (which, IIUC, is above the Law) thus Adobe free brings liberty to live life and work as one sees fit :smiley:

tools found over the years that work, do what they’re supposed to do, some even only specific tasks:
GIMP+G’MIC+other addons, krita, verve painter, picturenaut (HDR merge + tonnemapping), nuke/fusion/natron, mari, resolve, blender, darktable, gravit, inkscape, JSplacement, mypaint,, pencil2d, photoscape, epicpen, irfan view… and so much more, whole lots with web tools/apps available nowadays

:shushing_face: know, you live & work for the company

If your subscription lapses or your internet connection is down, how long before you lose access your files? This sounds more like a protection racket that a subscription service. If the source code is available, at the very least, you can still open YOUR files. Adobe is also testing doubling their Creative Cloud Photography plan, it’s cheapest subscription plan, to 20 USD. With 12 million subscribers, an extra 10 USD per subscriber works out to 1.44 billion USD per annum or approximately 17,510 developer’s annual salaries in the USA. You could probably triple or quadruple that if you outsourced to India, Brazil, Eastern Europe or China. Gimp has had only two developers for as long as I can remember.

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This is quite frankly UNamerican.typical tactics of corporate greed.thankfully i have CS6,i purchased it back when i had subscriptions for me.this behavior is exactly is sad that the vast majority of creative software companies do this.i bought quixel when it first came out,now subscription only.
This is probably why some users fear blender following suit.remember the 2.25 debacle .for a brief period blender went commercial.fortunately ton and others came to their senses.anyway,there are plenty of capable alternatives as stated 2cents

Is there any (FOSS or otherwise) alternative to Animate?

Opentoonz might be worth looking into.

Thanks. Can it do stuff with an HTML 5 Canvas? (I really am looking to do web stuff…)

I’m still using Photoshop CS5, I assume I won’t be affected? Any word on whether the perpetual version of Substance on Steam will be exempt or not?

If they push this any further i am gonna fly a skull and crossbones flag and go full rogue.
Adobe can F#*% themselves with a rusty chainsaw.


You know what? It really does. Whenever subscription software comes up in conversation now, I’m gonna refer to it as “protection racket”. Thanks.

As for a Photoshop replacement, I bought Affinity Photo a few months ago and I’m quite happy with it.

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Photoline hasn´t been mentioned as alternative yet. Have been using it for years now and it doesn pretty much everything I need.

Such license stranglehold reminds me of my Autodesk days. Selling my expensive 3ds Max license turned out not to be allowed by the Autodesk conditions, while it was still possible at the time I bought it.

I do have a Photoshop subscription. Tried the most popular competitors, such as Affinity Photo and GIMP, but I still prefer Photoshop. I heard rumors about possible price doubling though. If Adobe pulls such a trick, I will cancel my subscription.