Adobe will sell your A.I. art

Saw this pop up in my feed today.
Looks like you can make some cash now from being a good prompt creator. :grin:
Adobe will allow you to place your AI art in the Adobe Stock market place.


Still the original artists are … ( ← whatever bad word you wanna insert…)

I thought AI artworks were under non-commercial licenses? I might be wrong, but I am sure this is still in the legal grey area…

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Yeah, this is going to be debated legally for a while.

I’m not a big enough artist to have my artwork used in the training of these AI programs (without my consent) so I don’t have a fight in this, but it would be weird to know someone could enter a prompt “Duck on pond in Tim Cook style” and make money off it, I guess.


Artists can check if their artworks have been used in AI datasets with this website:


Imagine some money is gone from your bank account and you yourself have to check where it is gone and sue for this for yourself… if you do not does this on your own then the money is gone…

But it’s the intenet… wild wild west… you have to care for yourself… or be lucky… :wink: