Adobe's png interchange is alienating to open source, and bloated beyond convenience


Let’s talk about this elephant in the room, why is it still so hard to open PNG’s generated from recent adobe products?

It seems to be because of the way that adobe bloats the images with meta-data.

By default, if you save out a png from PS, even at the lowest size, a 500kb png will be 11mb, and will not open with Krita, Gimp or Blender. If you go the less known route of file/export as, a SLOW interface grants you the option to export a normal PNG which IS compatible with all software.

Being the default method, this exploits most users of their network and hardrive bandwidth and essential compatibility. So most users will unconsciously create files that ONLY work with adobe affiliated software, but not the majority of people who cannot afford these products. For us, the workaround to fix meta’d files is importing into image magick.

Adobe have a history of angering customers, and now they are bothering opensource users during an economic crisis. We won’t be phased out business by Adobe’s callous handling of interchange, and I think we need to start making some noise about it.

I’d love to know, why exactly their PNG’s are causing issues. I think if Adobe is properly informed of this, they will realize that further inaction could can limit their customer base. Many of us are financially ready just to drop support for adobe software at this point, so it’s in their best interest to care. At least to put in an 8th of the effort to lump compatible png interpretation together. The way that they interpret Alpha is one of many examples where they could be learning from the open source community.

Feel free to contribute your thoughts, and ideas you have to incorporate a fix to get around this for Gimp, Krita or Blender. Maybe we should go with a image magick approach? Maybe a plugin for handling PNG’s via ImageMagick intergration?

Let me know what you think.

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Heavy use of pngs using the latest photoshop and after effects with blender here and no issues.
Sure its not something at your end?

It looks like I might be missing something, like maybe this mainly applies to pngs with XMP metadata? The option is there in AE and for what ever reason, my coworkers keep sending me PNG’s with this type of meta data. When that’s saved out of PS, it’s still not usable unless you go to ‘File/Export/Export As’

I’ll do some more tests and confirm.

It looks like Photoshop’s not the main culprit but perhaps AE.

Include Source XMP Metadata is greyed out for me when trying to export a png from after effects.
Its not even avaliable if I try and export a Phtotoshop image. Only seams to become active when I select a movie file like avi or quicktime.

Could only be available if there is meta that it can pass through? I’m not entirely sure whether I have a usable example for now.

I just spoke with co-worker and he told me it WAS all through Photoshop. It’s not the first time we’ve come across this, but annoyingly, I can’t provide the example for IP reasons. Once I have a working example to show, I will upload it here for further inspection. And I’d be really interested to hear if anyone else has been getting this a lot.