Adreana Picture

i wanted to make a face (well try and crew up really bad) but i was wondering where i could find Adreana reference picture.
iv googled it i cant find it…its probably my spelling…

I suppose you can google it.

i did…nothing showed up

Ok - someone on the forum will help you then.

You might have to draw up your own reference material. … I personally don’t even find her attractive at all.

me neither…but thats not my point…and that wouldnt even matter unless she was UBER ugly…haha

It’s what’s inside that counts isn’t lil “G”.

Here’re the actual references you’re looking for:

Thank You! =)!!

Is that Adriana Lima?

Nope…these pictures a way to ugly to be Adriana Lima

Come on, how can Google NOT find ANYTHING?

I don’t think its possible for Google to find nothing on any particular subject.

I posted a topic on Ubuntu Forums, then googled my problem, and Google’s first result was the forum topic I had just made.

Heres a selection of male & female reference photos i use. Theres some good face pictures. And maybe some women which are ‘more attractive’

…and after all that, I about to download the adreanna pix