Adrianna Tutorial-- Extrude Nose?

Hi, I’m following the Adrianna tutorial at the bottom of the page here:

I’m at the part where you extrude the nose rim around the outside, and it’s supposed to go inwards towards the center, but I really can’t figure out how. Every time I do it, it goes in odd directions. And, I don’t think he used the E key to do it, because it doesn’t show little numbers at the bottom-left of his screen, and instead it shows a little dotted line coming up from his cursor. Only way I can get a dotted line is by rotating, and that doesn’t really do what I’m trying to do. Do you know what I’m doing wrong?

Hit the E key, Edges Only, and just hit Enter without moving your mouse. So now you’ve made a copy of the edge of the rim of the nose. Now you can scale it down and move it up and inwards.

Ohh… Thank you!

:slight_smile: I like to help people doing tutorials I could never imagine my self completing or have already tried and failed miserably. :smiley: In this case its the latter.

Thanks! :slight_smile: But… here I am again… I do not get how to use the Mirror Modifier… I somehow got it to work in the beginning of the tutorial, but now, on the eyeball part, whenever I do it, the eyes move in the wrong spots. For instance, I’ll place an eyeball, do the Mirror Modifier, and then try to move the mirror to where it’s supposed to be on the X axis. Both eyeballs scoot over into the wrong place, either too close to the bridge of the nose or too far to the edges. sigh He makes it look so easy…

Mr_Bomb has some speech problem, I tried his tutorial and I don’t know how the hell you’re up to the eyes, I couldn’t even understand what he was saying for the nose!

I don’t know what you mean. Can you rephrase it or add some screenshots?

Yeah sorry about the speech on the tutorial, the only microphone I had access to was an old crappy one so the sound recording is anything but good.

For the mirror modifier you need to make sure that your origin point is in the center of the grid or else it’ll mess up your placement while using the modifier. To more your origin to the center, hit Shift+C to recent the cursor; select your eye and under the edit buttons hit ‘Center Cursor’. Now your mirror should work fine.

Wait… you made that tutorial? Can’t believe you can model an entire face in about 40 minutes… Guess I need some practice! :slight_smile: Tried your advice, worked like a charm :slight_smile: Thank you! I’m going to try to work on it more tomorrow.

Oh sorry for making fun of you Bomb, but the sound quality was horrendous. :slight_smile:

I thought you were from Texas… But you’re in Kansas. Accent wise, I was close enough. :smiley:

Haha doesn’t bother me, don’t worry about it man. Though I was not aware that I have that strong of an accent? :stuck_out_tongue:

When you said “the mirror modifier” it sounded just like my math teacher from Texas. :smiley:

Just wanted to say thanks mr bomb for the tutorial it was awesome. Just wanted to say that and post a pic of what i did because of it :slight_smile: I had no problems following along at all :slight_smile: One of the best tutorials Ive ever done. Hope that youll make more in the future so thanks again.

also made a short lil animation here

btw sorry dont mean to steal the thread just wanted to show my appreciation for one of my teachers :slight_smile:

Thanks I’m glad you liked it. I’m planning on doing several more tutorials this summer, if you have any specific things you’d like me to cover in regards to modeling feel free to send me an email at shadowdragon1(at)gmail(dot)com

Better sound quality. :slight_smile:

That’s something that I’ll definitely be addressing for future tutorials. I’m planning on borrowing some recording equipment so that shouldn’t be a problem.

It’d be nice to have maybe the ear… or hair. Definitely hair. Or wait, do you even model hair, or what do you do? sigh

Yeah, you said the ear would take a while… I have no idea how to even start with that thing…

The ear is one thing that I certainly plan on covering. Another that I was thinking of was doing one on modeling realistic cloth by hand since it seams many people have trouble with that.

It’d be nice to have maybe the ear

good enough for a head start and easy to follow, but not blender specific

Yeah, cloth’d be nice :slight_smile:

Yeah!!! Cloth would be nice, maybe even cloth simulation? Also lets see… Hmm… I can’t think of anything else.