I’m building a 3D ‘sidescroller’ game using blender. ‘Adroids’ as it is called, was originally a crappy 2D game made with Klik and Play. Like the original you control a two legged robot crawler, however, this time it is the smaller ‘junior’ model and is able to run faster and jump higher.

Your main enemy in ‘Adroids’ are in fact the Adroids themselves. Adroids are three eyed, mean fighting, flying robots who love nothing more than to melt your crawler into a pile of steel. The Adroids were once mans’ most trusted ally but they betrayed you and started to attack all of your inhabited worlds. They decided that they no longer needed any ‘fleshies’ on their side and would rather have machines as their allies. You start your adventure on your homeworld “Ka’nichi’sin” the once lush jungle world which has since been transformed into a barren lava filled wasteland by geological forces and the destructive wrath of the Adroids. Your first mission is to make your way your old base so that you can make much needed repairs to your crawler and so that you can be reunited with your right hand man ‘Henry J. Parker’. With Henry on your side the human forces have a much better chance of starving of the Adroids.

I have almost finished the first level and it is looking pretty good. The bad guys turn around as you jump over them so that they can still shoot you. Here are some screenshots:

Comments are welcome.

Looks cool!

lol! I like it!


The main character looks kind of crappy! You might want to use some more textures!

Keep up the good work

poff dont say that! He looks more “minimalistic”



He does look a bit ‘low poly’, but if thats the effect you want then I think it looks quite good.

LOL I remember Klick and Play! :smiley: I’ve got the Games Factory myself, that was Klick and Play 2. It really kicked ass in its time. I only gave up on it cos it couldn’t do true 3D, and I found this really cool program called Blender which could! :slight_smile:

Nice game btw.

Keith. 8)

OHH! How good! A side-scroller! How fun!
[I was just playing the Good Old SNES… those were the times]

Your background looks a bit RECTANGULAR [Like if it were made of rock buildings] but… who am I to critic…

The lil android looks funky dude!

Yeah Snes rullezz. I’ve got the snes and play sometimes on it when It’s raining. I’ll hope your game is soon finished I really wanna play it, looks good and funny. Aargh it’s 2.29 am I think I’'l go to bed. Keep it up splatg.

nice levels.

Thanks for all your comments, I’ll take them all into consideration. Yeah the backgrounds still need some work, I’m thinking of making some buildings or mountains to put back there. I suppose I could make a higher poly more detailed model for the main character, but I don’t want to make him too processer intensive. Some better textures could be all what is really needed. Thanks again for all your comments, keep it up!

Ok, I think that, although it would be neat to add some more background detail, your character SEEMS like a spheroid with arms and legs attached. Perhaps if you allowed more deformation of the icosphere, it would be more realistic. Just my opinion…