ads + blenderartists

i think its a pretty good idea to have adds on blenderartists what do you think??

whats ADS ?? …you mean advertisments ?

you not noticed?

lol…it would be the worst thing …my net sucks because of my bro ,he keeps on Dloading.

I don’t mind the ads here except one of them… (not going to say it because of risk of making it show up)

Lesbian IMVU porn?

What other plan do you have to pay for the hosting expenses other than ad revenue?

A poll on people liking or disliking ads is pretty pointless unless you’re the one paying the bills to keep BA up and running.

Some of the stuff you people come up with just boggles the mind.

what ads?

adblock plus!

so…who actually provides the ads with clickthrough revenue? The only time i ever click on those things is by accident. Surely they can’t provide more than a few euros a month?!

You’d probably like adblock, CD. I use it to block ads that bother me. I don’t think it’s exactly right to block all ads, because they are how most sites make money, but if I find an ad bothersome in any way… au revoir!

Ads on BlenderArtists are a good idea because the admins don’t have to beg for donations anymore.

My only problem with adblock was that it blocked the banner. :eek:
I was able to unblock it though. :whew!:

Yeah, adblock thinks the banner is an ad because it’s delivered by software intended for displaying ads. Another reason to block things manually!