Ads in posts

It seems that the sizing of the ads in the posts are making everything appear in frames in a very weird way. If you reload the page it appears propertly. This really makes the forums look like a WIP or something. I like the new colors and such but the format of the old theme was much more stable and clean looking.

Get Firefox, and an ad-blocker.

I do not have anything against ads but this is the first forum I see who mixes the posts and the adds together.

Don’t forget, the ads are here to support running the site and the webserver, clicking on the ads generates further future for this site/community. A thoughtful reminder :wink:


take a look at the official Ubuntuforum (english), that’s how the ads are displayed as well.

  1. Thanks, we haven’t heard this before. :rolleyes:
  2. There’s a thread for this.
  3. Get Firefox.