ads spamming in blender 2.26?

Just a little doubt… i reinstalled everything on my system, and blender was the first program apart from the certified drivers of the hardware devices… and i started having ads about i dont know what… then i disinstalled blender and i had those ads no more… i did this some times with time delays, without using other softwares and without any messaging system on. Maybe it’s just a coincidence of i dont know what, but i am curious to know if someone had the same problem. Later i will try with ad-aware. Bye.

El Sup.

ad-aware didn’t see blender as a problem on my system

(Haven’t been having those problems at all), but ad-aware may help.

I am betting on coincidence (the money I wish I had)

if you installed DivX, make you you didn’t instal the Pro version, which comes with Gator…


i know about divx and all the software out there with stupids spywares and adware… i used ad-aware and i have found 3 of them… and blender was the only soft installed… the only other solution is that one of the device drivers contained adware (which is not so probable, cos i got them from nvidia, canon and creative homesites) or that maybe my dynamic ip got caught by a kind of randomized adware sender… i am studying my case… anyway i checked the blender file and it seems clean… though i will do more tests of course


i highly doubt blender is adware. I have never had ANY ads whatsoever (from blender or otherwise, as I am very careful what I download). I use blender on 4 different computers, and none of em have any ad problems.

as for your situation, I have no suggestions, sorry.

if you’re on windows xp and you’re online, you may be getting the so-called “messenger” ads, which are also driving me slightly crazy. i may be wrong, but i think it comes from some component in windows itself. if i’m wrong, please enlighten me.

There’s no spyware/adware/etc. inside Blender at all. It must have been something else, I’m afraid. If you’re not convinced, then feel free to look through this to make sure ;).

the ads that people see when online (though not surfing) in dialog boxes are created by the windows messenger service.

It can be useful in environments where a number of users need to be notified of something (say to be warned that the company intranet will be down for a half hour)

for home computers it is useless.

a quick google search revealed this, on howto disable the messenger service:

(I run 98 and don’t have this problem!)

thanks z3r0 d !
i hope your help is the one i needed.

el sup.

when you start getting these, its time to get a firewall.


Just the idea of Blender spaming is hillarious!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Doh… No wonder I don’t know what they’re all talking about, hehe.