If you don’t know what this post is about look back at the post that says, “Want The Blender Series To Continue?”

here’s the link to the ads (don’t donate that much money) real site but nothing much because the community and the rest of the site won’t be uploaded until I sign up for HOST ROCKET

I don’t know what that is all about, but for me it looks very strange and it is look very amatuerish and non-pro what so ever…very unintrested to me as a surfer on the web…

what is your ideal about this weird site of yours ??

can’t tell what it is all about…

that’s because I haven’t uploaded anything yet not until I join HostRocket

then why do you do advertisment before it is even finished
or even uploaded any worth to look at ??


Just to get the word around. If you wan’t me to I’ll stop until I finish my site.

Just to get the word around. If you wan’t me to I’ll stop until I finish my site.

Since when did want become a contraction.

Oh… and nice banner ad at the top of the ad page.

hehe yes…what is that , a kind of 3D work in it,
is it that what I see :o :o lol


have u ever programmed before…by the looks of your ads, and site, i dunno…they seam like basic shaky coding… and this new sidexffects design doesnt seam like it will be great judging on the creativity and simple cheesyness of your ads… a program that is drag and drop is what your going to use to create new version? geez…if only nan had that, they wouldnt be outta business…what im trying to say is, your bogus, and your either a very bad hustler, or someone just trying to arouse argument and suspicion

can we see some of your work please? some programming and art work please? that would be great…i think we need to see some credentials and proof of work before we give a complete stranger money…ya know?

Do you want proof I’ll give you proof but what kind of proof? And if I were you I wouldn’t donate money I would just click the ads and signing up for stuff and saying that I reffered you.

What mean by basic shaky coding?