AdSense Ads on BA

I just got a new laptop and haven’t installed an ad-blocker yet. Is it normal for 90% of the ads on here to be cartoon ass and titties type games and stuff?

I thought ads were determined by what Google thought you searched a lot. But when I turn off ad block most of mine are smartphones which I’ve done pretty much nothing with. Soooo…idk :laughing:

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I haven’t done any google searches here yet. Using Edge with Bing defaults. Who the hell thought “bing” was a good name? I would have gone with “look it up”

I don’t know. Actually I do. Microsoft! :rofl: :rofl:
Also don’t know why I’m getting so many ads for whatever on Earth this is.

Like seriously I’ve never even seen this. Why am I seeing an ad for this?

I disabled ‘interest based’ ads a long time ago - our AdSense ads are only context based. So it should only be looking at the current page, not your browsing history.

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Huh. What I get ads for is not what I search for (so not based on browsing history) but also doesn’t seem to be at all related to what’s on the page (so not context based?). Strange.

Who knows what advertisers are bidding for :slight_smile:


unfortunately it’s the same here with the workstation I’m using at work.
Considering that I’ve not searched any kind of sexy mangas and that we have some strictly security policies that ban all sex-related website I can’t understand these proposals.
Anyway it’s not a big problem.
My colleagues and I are all +18 years old…we’ll live with it anyway. :slight_smile:

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If you don’t want to see ads, you can become a commercial supporter :slight_smile: