ADSL2/2+ wireless modem/router and onetel problems!

ADSL2/2+ 125Mbps wireless modem/router 4 port ethernet switch!

prepare your self for a long read lol

ok here is the problem! i have installed my mode/router and i am having trouble connecting it to my sisters computer via a wireless link, it did work and now it doesnt. it shows the link on my sisters computer but the router light is not on! the second problem is connecting to my ISP (onetel). the lights on the front indicate that it has a succesful adsl connection and a ppp connection, it also says that a succesfull link is established in the status window along with the correct upload and download speed. i am connected to the internet becuase i have tried pinging google and i got a response i also get responses when i ping my sisters computer. (im on broadband but i have to dial up to access it . thats the way my isp told me set it up )i have also noticed that when i try to dial in it shows my old speedtouch 330 adsl modem, even tho the drivers are removed and it is unplugged, when i tried to create a new internet connection it still displayed my old modem!. anyway if any one can help me solve this problem i would very happy

im using windows xp sp2

There are so many variables, it could be anything.

The most probable thing from what I can gather, is that your existing wireless network/PC setup is not now running on the same subnet as the new modem.

  1. Start at the modem, and get onto the internet thru that first before trying to use your wireless network.

  2. You may need a network switch between your PC and modem to do this
    as you cant normally connect directly through a modem without a crossover cable. Even though it says 4 port switch, it doesn’t neccesarily mean it will work that way. You could need a switch. I had this very problem 2 days ago . No switch - No go.

  3. Set up a new dial up connection completely from scratch with the correct settings in it. ( It may be that username/password is different in the old speed touch.

Most Important:

4 Make sure all your IP network settings are correct. For example, is your modem set to distribute IP addresses automatically (DHCP is turned on)?? If so, then your PC needs to be set to obtain an IP address automatically. If not, then you need to set your PC IP address to be on the subnet as your modem.

For example, if the IP address of your modem is your PC needs to be set onto something like

  1. Not very important, but does speed you up once you are up and running —> Does your ISP have an IP address they can give you for DNS. This means that URLS will resolve faster when going onto the internet. This number goes in your PC under DNS addresses, and will send you straight to them when you type in an url.
    This normally only works if your IP address is entered manually, as above.

Least Important:

6.Once you have connection to the internet directly through the modem, then you can start fiddling with the wireless link.
This also needs to be on the same subnet as your modem

  1. Is your Access Point correctly configured with relation to whether it runs as a bridge etc.

  2. When setting up the wireless link, bring the remote PC right beside the Access Point so that any issues you might have do not relate to a loss of signal.