ADSL2/2+ wireless modem/router and onetel trouble? help plz

ADSL2/2+ 125Mbps wireless modem/router 4 port ethernet switch!

prepare your self for a long read lol

ok here is the problem! i have installed my mode/router and i am having trouble connecting it to my sisters computer via a wireless link, it did work and now it doesnt. it shows the link on my sisters computer but the router light is not on! the second problem is connecting to my ISP (onetel). the lights on the front indicate that it has a succesful adsl connection and a ppp connection, it also says that a succesfull link is established in the status window along with the correct upload and download speed. i am connected to the internet becuase i have tried pinging google and i got a response i also get responses when i ping my sisters computer. (im on broadband but i have to dial up to access it . thats the way my isp told me set it up :-? )i have also noticed that when i try to dial in it shows my old speedtouch 330 adsl modem, even tho the drivers are removed and it is unplugged, when i tried to create a new internet connection it still displayed my old modem!. anyway if any one can help me solve this problem i would very happy :slight_smile:

im using windows xp sp2

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