adult link inside

So, what do you think of the way link looks in the legend of zelda: Twilight princess? I think it’s a big improvement from the wind waker.

HAHA good on ya, so what was the point of this topic, was it just to piss off the moderators and admins haha

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jeez, we do have a sense of humor.

I like that fact that he looks like sort of a butthole. If it was reality, it seems like people like Link, who have a whole land or world in their hands, would be pretty mean guys. I mean, he goes around killing a whole bunch of things, bothering other people doesn’t seem like a problem compared to that.

you know the weird thing is that i thought of twilight princess before i thought of porno… i gotta go get myself checked out

this concept art of Link compared to the one from Ocarina of time, somehow gives him a more medieval feel then the other titles. Most likely the colour use and uniform additions

this joke’s been made so many times.