Advance Wars Memorial

Hopefully some of you have heard of a lovely little game called Advance Wars.
If you have you might be aware of the next game in the series. Now I am looking forward to this game as any sane man should but there is one thing I do not like. I loved the old graphical style of the games so I am very upset to see it be changed to something more serious. In memorial of the old style I am going to model as many units as I can based on the only viewpoint available in the game.

I started with the Orange Star APC.

i bet that’d look really good in a game :slight_smile:

I did think about attempting a Company of Heroes mod based on Advance Wars but my modelling skills are sketchy at best without the added fun of scripting etc. It’s still in my head but I’m more likely going to use them in an attempt at real-world compositing.

I decided to learn Indigo and I started building a little scene to put my APC in. Sadly at this close up view you can clearly see the planes on some of my objects. Oh well.

hehe i like it. nice and simple well done.

On any round object turn on “Set Smooth” if that’s the problem, though it looks like some of them are already smooth. It’s in the editing panel.:cool:

WeeeEeee! They’re so cute! :slight_smile:

Ya, next time i see a coupla orange fellas ride by in a tank (or APC ?) I’ll tell them how cute they look :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool models, looks like an action figure kinda thing… Thats a good thing :smiley:

good work…looks…well, cute

OMG !!! Advance Wars…I played that game so much when I was in elementary. God nice work there, great great stuff!

I used to love advance wars! You shouldn’t call it a memorial though, because they are still rolling out new ones.

He should probably call it a tribute to advance wars rather than a memorial

exactly :slight_smile:

It’s a memorial because they are getting rid of the cutesy art style. Just to clarify that point. Set Smooth doesn’t work with Indigo… does it?

they are? I didn’t know that… sometimes all this upgrading to 3D is annoying some games are fine the way they were. I’m 14 and I still love old games like MULE and lemmings and alleykat, ultima, and the list goes on. I also program in BASIC :smiley: though it has been upgraded so it’s GUI basic I use.

Not 3D. Just less cutesy. More gritty is a good way of putting it. I for one don’t like it much. I expect the game shall remain fantastic though.

That is freaking rad man, I love the indigo render. I have never tried indigo and now Im dying to get off work and try it out…