Advanced Armature Problem

Hi. Basically I have done a quick character and made a foot type rig for it. I name it left foot and then make my foot rig object: Left Foot except isn’t showing in solid moder but appears and in wireframe!. Please help! The square is the foot rig not supposedly the armature. How do you make it show up in solid mode!? The other bones do as you can see in the picture…




Any help? Please! :frowning:

I, personally, cannot say that I understand the question… but if your object to rig is getting away from the controling bone then you may be check if (1) object is so edited; (2) object has shapes keys that modify it in that moment too.


unload your blend file, i will try to help

I would but I have done loads of work to it. It is ok. The only way I can view the custom bone is in wireframe.

if your custom boneshape is ONLY a wireframe object–just wires, and no faces–then you have to set it to press the ‘W’ button beside the “OB:” text-box in the armature bones tab–the text-box you used to set the bone’s object before.

Thanks so much!