Advanced curve modifiers

Maybe this is more an idea than an tutorial but here it goes:

Curve modifiers in CVS are now very nice and when they are combined with vertex groups, you can have same nice forms :p.

NOTE: You need a cvs-build.

Tutorial is here:

Yes its cool… im gonna try this !!

nice one. looks very useful, especially when trying to model holes in curved meshes.

This tutorial looks great and I’m quite interested in seeing how far I can push curve modifiers as a modelling tool.

However, I don’t really understand the min/max thing. When I run your script I have that they don’t exist. Is this an extra thing I have to pick up from somewhere?

Sorry if that’s a particularly stoopid question.



Glad you find it usefull!

Min/max are objects that defines where to start and where to stop interpolating. Just make two empties or meshes and name the other one to “min” and the other one to “max”. Download the sample files to get the idea.

I made the script because I had to somehow get smooth interpolation and it is not finished at all. More general solution is needed but I can’t figure how it should work.

man you were very inventive doing this, i enjoyed following it and i hope i will find some uses for it, really thanks for sharing it with us.

Ah - it was something really stupid and simple.
I think I’ve deduced parts of how to use the script, however, I’m yet to make it work - even the example you provided.

I can assign a vertex group OK and then set the modifier up. It looks modified as you’d expect.

However, once I run the script, the plane becomes totally flat again and if I run the script I get a console error: a traceback to line 24 - AttributeError: this mesh contains no deform vertices…

I don’t know what that’s all about.

I know Python OK - but I know very little about the Python API in Blender - something I’m wanting to learn. Is it possible to run PDB or WinPDB within Blender?


greboide: Thanks! I have some freetime and I’m putting all my energy to Blender :slight_smile:

caleb: Are you using 2.42a? You’ll need the latest cvs build in order to use this. I added that note to the website a little bit later so maybe you did not see it.

I don’t know about PDB. But I think if you have full Python install you can use any python module available.

I’m using the build which had the particles in it - the one from the 23/11.

I think I’ll give it a rest for the moment. Come back to it later.
I can’t help thinking that curve modifiers along with your script would help in modeling lots of objects - including cars - just for the purposes of getting a nice clean shape before you add more details.

Of course there’s always box modeling, but this kinda appealed to me for some reason.


There was a bug in Blender that prevented the script working correctly. Nice Blender-coders fixed that 2006-11-23 19:39. So you must have built later than that.