Advanced Glow Effect for BGE

Hey Blender Artists!

I can’t seem to find any scripts with a “glow” sort of effect that meets my demand. I know of the simple bloom script, which lowers frame rate and doesn’t look all that great, and the retinex script, which is pretty good but not totally what I’m looking for, but I want a script that conveys more customizability. I’ve seen so many games with this sort of effect, even old ones, and I was wondering if anyone knew where a script like this could be. Heres the effect I’m looking for:

Thanks, and it would mean a lot if someone has something like this for me! Doesn’t have to be too advanced, just a script that can give me more customization, with like properties or something, such as glow size, threshold, maybe even color multiplier(the more glow on an area the more saturation) would be amazing! Thanks again!


All these options you want are employable in any of those bloom scripts you may have found… It’s effectively the same thing :smiley:
The problem is, GLSL (the code used in Blender for filters) doesn’t support Downsampling in Blender… which basically means any large-scale bloom like that would be REALLY laggy. There are ways to get around GLSL’s limitations and I’m no expert in any of them; just my ten cents. I think it was SolarLune who managed downsampling via multiple cameras and scenes, and I’m sure others have managed similarly; Martins Upitis has probably managed some brilliant method. Kupoman was working on the Harmony Branch, which (according to some sources) would support downsampling… I don’t know if he’s still working on it, but hey. Anyway, good luck!

Another option is a alpha plane, billboard or halo, etc.

Thanks, I’ll look into it!

Probably one of the most cheap way to do it: