Advanced GLSL 2D Filter demo

(martinsh) #1

Couldnt decide where to put it, in resources or here.

Anyway this is Work in Progress thread.
So i finally got the light scattering/sunray/godray 2D filter working.
It is totally not optimized and runs slower than DoF+SSAO together. At the moment it crawls at 35fps fullscreen (on highend PC) with SSAO+sunrays+chromatic_aberration+DoF, so im pretty optimistic about usefullness of these 2DFilters in future, when downsampling gets integrated.

Hopefully a video and a .blend file will be soon available also. I will make some trees and stuff and optimize the scene and filters.

I totally forgot to mention that this work (2D Filters, not the landscape) is part of a big Blender game Twilight 22, although not yet announced.



WASD - move camera
Left/Right arrows - move sun
1 - SSAO only
2 - SSAO + scene
3 - Light scattering
4 - DoF (mousewheel - change focus)
5 - Chromatic abberration
6 - Cross shaped bloom

Note that it is still Work in Progress. The light scattering filter must be optimized alot. It is much slower than it should be. Also the gluProject is not working properly and it doesnt run right when played in fullscreen. Also exporting runtime doesnt work with gluProject. I will try to fix that soon.

Have fun!

So here are two huge images. (Photoshop used just for cropping)


(Ace Dragon) #2

That practically looks like a BI render, not a BGE game

the filters you used should really be hardcoded into the BGE as presets like sepia and sobel, or maybe have the SSAO filter be automatically enabled by the engine when enabling AO in the world buttons.

(gomer) #3

This is probably the most impressive visual I’ve seen produced in the GE. If you can get this optimized and built into the engine, it would be an amazing step forward. Your work is always impressive Martinsh, keep it up.

(yournamehere) #4

incredible work. You’ve officially and utterly blown me away. Will you release a video demonstration of this?


(RagingChaos66) #5

…and I jizzed in my pants!
i cant wait for blend files O_O

(Mentalturkey) #6

holy shit!

(Doggie_B) #7

Eye-stunning :eek:!I thought for a minute this was a render and not a game. Can we see this in motion please?

(LDS_Marine) #8

Wait, how many of those are realtime and how many are renders? Or all of them realtime?

(martinsh) #9

Hey thanks for replies!

Yes they all are realtime (30 fps though).
Video and blend file is coming very soon.

(Conz3D) #10

omg. Very impressive! :eek:

IMHO there are two points:

  • There is one strange streak/shadow. (attachment)
  • And the cloud is to dark for it’s thickness.


(Radmanlive) #11

Jaw drops
Wow, it took me about five minuits to come up with this to write…I’m just totally speechless!

How did you come up with that light streaking from the sun filter?

This is some godamn amazing stuff!


(Minifig) #12

Please tell me this isn’t an April Fools Day joke!

(Mr. Smith) #13

“Picking myself up of the ground” :eek:
That is some amazing work!

How did you do the SSAO filter?

Mr. Smith

(martinsh) #14

Ahh it is a cloud from skybox. I will fix that :slight_smile:

Thanks, umm the technique is explained at top images, it is actually quite simple compared with real volumetric lighting techniques.

I made this thread in 2. April, so no, it is not a joke :wink:

I will explain it little later and post also the codes of each Filter and of course the demo blend.
Stay tuned.

(Blendiac) #15

Please, please, please give us a video! (OK, a blend file would do, too! ;))

(Minifig) #16

A .blend or video would be amazing!

(ShadowFox) #17

Thats sooo amazing! you keep on giving me more inspiration to carry on working with blender :smiley: thank you!!

:cool: loving the sun rays! although i reckon any game to try these effects in the BGE would surely struggle :confused: if theres alot of detail!

(VenomSeven) #18



Brilliant as always! Love your work = )

(cekuhnen) #19

Ah so when you were using the term godray you were not joking in a different thread!

I see …

Looks very impressive!

(vitorbalbio) #20

absolutely incredible! :eek:
The Best work with GLSL in BGE!!!