Advanced HUD help please

Hi I need some help with a little complicated HUD problems. To start off, I am what I would call a Blender Veteran, though I wouldn’t say i’m an advanced user. I know how to make menus, but now I have some advanced walls in my way.

(BTW: Those who have played Starcraft will understand what I mean better)

I want to create a HUD item in which, if you “select” something such as a unit (‘mouse over’ + ‘left click’ = ‘property:select’ equals ‘1’ [0=false, 1=true]) then a UV-tagged plane becomes visible on an identified area on the HUD that looks like a glass screen, but where it will snap to a specific grid and move around when other units become “selected”. And I want this to be able to happen on and off as many times as I wish (“Replace Mesh” seems to be just a one-time deal).

A second issue i am having is to create numbers on the HUD that change with a property amount changing (E.G. a counter for amount of money earning in which you receive +$400 per/30 secs.

I would prefer help in the form of working with the Blender GUI, but I would REALLY appreciate any help at all with GUI or python. Thank you so much for your interest in reading this!


realtime text here.