Advanced Inventory - problem with scrolling

Hi there. Im currently creating an advanced Inventory for one of my Games.

Now the cream on top would be the abillity of scrolling and scaling the inventory.
If you come up with an idea of how to do that, it would be nice.

heres the code so far:


  • I gave up the Idea of directly moddifying the graphic mesh.

The reason is, that if I edit the graphic mesh of one object, all objects with the same

graphic mesh get edited as well. Now if one stac of apples leaves your view,

the next one shouldn’t. Instead I’ll use a video-texture of a second, hidden object and
adapt my positioning-algorithms. 10th May 2015

  • Found a Problem with the Video-Textures: The maximal size of a ingame-rendered texture is the output of the viewport. Any ideas how to fix that? 14th May 2015