Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft

Created using Blender 2.65 and Gimp 2.8

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Interesting presentation - just a few such designs are currently created in the world (the cost of such a weapon system is extremely high).

The presentation is clear, especially interesting are the fragments displaying the main internal elements. (I suppose that the green bin behind the pilot’s cockpit is the fuel tank, but do the blue wing internals also for the fuel?)

Have you done it as a hobby, or this presentation is a part of wider informational activity, as the first seconds of the film may suggest?

i would not agree… The presentation is quite horrible. for me, maybe because i am 2D graphic in branding to… and Thinkgs like Composition Typography are really not good hear. The only good think is animation of showing interiors…

I would watch some proffesionals presentations and try to do somethink similar. Because this looks like straight from Paint or Power point. With is for me sad, because the model is really good, and would be good if you would preseent it more better.

Karmon, you have missed my point: “the presentation is clear” means that its message is clear. Power Point presentation can be also effective, even when when it is not superb. Pictures are also a way of delivering information… You graphic guys see only the form, not the message :).