Advanced Mist Options

Hi there,

I’ve got a question concerning the Mist Feature in the “world”-Panel.

What I want is a Cylinder gradually decease in Visibility at a higher part.

I want about 80% of the standing sylinder starting from the bottom to be clearly visible and only at the last 20 % the Transperency to take effect.

The Mist feature almost does a great job ecept that it ALWAYS starts at the bottom.
Isn’t there a Way to Turn this mist Effect somehow? Of course I can model upside down and eventually flip the image, but thats not the only problem. The Mist is all over the Place, covering also the parts of the cylinder I actually want to be clearly visible.

Is there a way to gain the effect I desire? I really don’t need any hyper realistic cloudy fog effect but as I mentiond just a certain area that decreases objects’ visibility gradually…

Thanks in advance for helping!