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How do you cut holes or shapes into a subsurf mesh while still keeping it smooth? I’ve read the poles and loops sticky, but how do you cut stuff into a subsurf that isn’t flat, such as a car hood, while still keeping the overall shape smooth?

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He doesn’t talk about subsurf, but I guess going from what he had to subsurf wouldn’t be too difficult…:confused:

the retopo tool is your friend. use the original car hood or whatever, as a base/mold/form upon which to create a new mesh, with optimized topography. say there’s a hole in the middle. add a cylinder intersecting with the hood at the appropriate angle. retopo around the edge of that, and build outward, making sure you have a nice edge loop next to the hole. there are some things to keep in mind, mainly, the little button on the main header of your 3D viewport with a little cube icon. the ‘occlude background geometry’ button. if this is pressed, you won’t be able to see the new mesh you are constructing very well. so make sure this is not pressed. anyway, there are various approaches to retoping, so I would recommend doing a search, as well as checking the documentation. it is well worth the time to learn this useful technique.

you can also select a face and hit shift+e then drag your mouse and you will see what happens

You can try adding some cuts. Bring them into shape prefereably using something like the “vertex slide” script or of course Retopo (using a circle). This will keep the shape of your mesh. Then you can do what blingtwink says. Just extruding the shape out and removing the cap (if you want).

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What is this vertex slide script? is it like loops slide but with a single vertex because that sounds really useful :eyebrowlift:

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I uploaded the scripts to:
Put them in you Blender scripts folder.

The vertex slide one is called EdgeTune2 (including the Mac fix), which allows you to move vertices along their edges. This makes is possible to move the vertices of a mesh without changing the overall shape (not too much) and without introducing new vertices. I use it mostly on my lowpoly models to create some of the finer detail without increasing the poly count.
Also try using it with multiple vertices selected. It works very well. Press Enter to apply the changes.

The other script called KnifePro (also by the same author) allows to freely cut through multiple edges in a single go, even cutting through the not yet applied cuts themselves :wink:

The thread about EdgeTune2:

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