Advanced navmesh/path finding tutorials

Could somebody point me in the direction of any advanced tutorials covering the use of navigation meshes and path following? There is a lot of videos on the basics, but I haven’t come across any good advanced ones.
Thanks for the help!

path follow = an object follows a given path

navigation mesh = an helper object that defines where it is possible to move along. It is used by specific path finding algorithms.

What do you understand under “advanced tutorial”. What do you expect it teaches you?

Hi monster. Thanks for the reply. I’m simply looking for any articles/tutorials that cover creating and using nav meshes and path following in blender. I am already using your bog standard set up for simple enemy AI. Maybe some python? Nothing specific really. Hmm maybe some in depth explanations about what all the nav mesh physics tools do exactly? stuff like that I guess. Creating custom nav meshes?

**cover nav meshes and path following other than the usual foundation stuff

I can’t really help on the navigation mesh. I know the basics behind different path-finding methods and I know the basics behind path-following (two different things).

The most tutorials I know of cover the basic: setup the navigation mesh (which is not a big deal at all), the set up of the steering actuator to perform the path-following (with previous path-finding) and the setup for obstacle avoidance (dynamic elements on the navigation mesh). As far as I know there is an API. But I never looked at it in detail. I guess you can get a path when you enter two positions.

I hope that helps a bit.