Advanced Noob Question

So, I just discovered the curve tool and I must say I am verrrry impresed! Especially the ability to twist the different points in the path.
But on to my problem…
I have a road texture that I want to run along the mesh path (or whatever it is), but I don’t think unwraping the model will help. Is there some texturing features that will help me do this?

Well, to explain things better this is what I basically want to do in blender:
note: screenshot is from a model I made in google sketchup.

yeah, make a section of the road, and then using array as well as curve modfiier you can duplicate it along the path. (the origin points need to be in the same place for the curve and the mesh). Good luck.

:spin: I dont get it. lol
So when I draw the road section, should it be a mesh or does it have to be a bezier curve? And when I use arrays, wouldn’t that just clone the road sections along the curve? What about the actual road mesh that conects between the road sections?

Idk, I’m a total noob to blender. You may have to give me the steps in details.:o


Here’s a rough sample .blend file that might help. I’ve made a small section of road (I’ve used the mirror modifier but you don’t need to) and used the array modifier to extend it into a longer section of road, then the curve modifier to bend it along a 3D bezier curve. I’ve put a crude image texture onto the small section of road so you can see that it is automatically repeated along the length of the curved road.

If you edit the curve, you will see the road bend, lengthen and shrink as appropriate.

I hope this helps.


road.blend (151 KB)

Dood! That’s awesome, only bezier curves are really annoying to work with. Could you make an example that uses the path instead?
I’d love to know how you did it too. Thanks a million!

Yes! I got it. Thanks for the help.

I’m back again with a new problem. I am trying to add a wall that runs alongside the road but I can’t seem to get it UV mapped. Even if I add a new object plane, it won’t let me map another texture like you normaly can in a new project. Could someone open the project and UV map the included wall texture? I wouuld really appreciate it. No one from the 3drad forums were able to figure it out. So again, I would super appreciate any help.


road[4.1].blend (202 KB)

You can’t extrude a wall from edge like that and keep it attached to the road. Ether you put the seam along the base to separate it or you need to make the whole mesh unwrap able; as shown below.


Ok, I can fix that. But how about mapping the wall texture? I can’t get 2 textures mapped in the same object can I?

You can have multiple textures UV mapped to an object. If your using 2.53 it can be found under “Object Data” under “UV Texture” in the side menu. -However, if the wall is a new addition you must unwrap the object again to see the wall in the UV layout.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

That was it. I just needed to click unwrap and that fixed everything. Thankyou.