Advanced particle animation how-to, plz help

okay, i wasnt too sure where to put this, so i just guessed.

I know blender has a really great partical system, and i want to use it for an idea i had. but i can’t figure out, nor find a tutorial for it, how to make the particles form into a specific and complex object(s).

for example: I would like to have a humaniod character form from smoke particles with clothing and texturing, fully adapt with physics for the clothing, hair, or what ever.

I am hoping that one of you blender expert artists could help me with this problem. I don’t know if there’s a tutorial for it, but i have’t been able to find one yet.

thanks for your help.

I’m guessing that would require some scripting, but I am not sure.
I’ve seen this done on youtube with fluid dynamics. It was water not smoke though. Although I bet you could make it look like smoke with some fancy animated texturing and use volumetrics from the simphysics build of blender.
If you google “Blender magic fluid” the video will be the first hit.
Just guessing at this point. Hope it helps.

Sound more like a compositing task.

But you could look into harmonic fields.