Advanced Question: Preserve animations with scaling armature...?

Here is the situation, I need to have my armature be 100 times the size it is but have the scale set to 1 instead of 100. (Exporting for UDK requires a scale of 1)So this is pretty straight forward, I can either
A)tab into edit mode and scale by 100 or…
B)Scale by 100 then apply the scale to reset it back down to 1

The issue that arises is when I do this all of my animations that I spent 6 + hours doing get ruined because they have key frames with locations that are now insignificantly small because of the increase of scale. Is there a way to scale my armature up, (while preserving the scale as 1) and not ruin my animations?

See if this works: in object mode, scale the armature to 100 and apply scale. Open a f-curve editor, select all the f-curves and with the 2d cursor set at 0, set the pivot point to be the 2d cursor and scale all the curves in the y by 100.