Advanced rigging - help needed


I’m stuck. Here we have an advanced character.
It’s an acorn with a lot of details like clothes, nails on the leather
skin-jacket and much more…

how do I best rig this character so while the body/cloth deform
it should do so without destroying OR moving the “stick-on-nails” around into the cloth or get a life of their own?

Hope you can help, I’m really stuck here.



just join all the seperate objects into one object.

Would parenting the studs (the nails) to a single vertex on the jacket using vertex parenting work?

Then they nails will move with the jacket, but not be deformed.

Or do I missunderstand?

Hi and thanks for the suggestions,

I didn’t have time to wait for an answer (late but good answers)
so I went with a different approach:

I attached the nails to a bone relative to that area
that actually worked.

However… I think it probably would be wiser to join all
the nails as an object (eg. to the cloth)

Modron - thanks for this excellent suggestion, I’ll use
it on my next character. How do I join objects in a “nice way”
that doesn’t destroy mapping / surface integrity?

Other words - what’s the best technique for joining objects.
We know that boolean is a “catastrophic” way of joining objects
and can lead to corruption. As this is commercial work I’d rather
avoid that. Any suggestions?

Again - thanks to everyone for your kind reply!