advanced section

hi there,

im looking to do a pretty complex section of my building.

this is the sort of set up im going for. it needs to be orthographic (pretty easy to set up) but the section plane needs to follow this red line otherwise the section will be pretty bland. any suggestions?

What’s a “section plane”?

well basically. the red line is the section plane. what it does in sketchup anyway, is everything behind it (as in everything on the side of the camera) dissapears, so you can see into the building as well as being able to see the thickness of the building.
id rather not do this through boolean modifier as id like to remove the section after i render it so im left once again with a whole building that i can make a plan view (this would mean making a horizontal slice through the building and removing the top. again id rather not do this through boolean modifier as id like to take it of again.)

I do section view every time with plane. Delete all but 1 vertex and extrude that what ever section u need (top view), when its done then extrude it up.
Basically its the wall that prevents camera to see behind that.

would you mind explaining in a different way/ including some pictures. im sorry but i dont quite understand. :S

Top view:

Render front:


ah right!
i was meaning more like this one