Advanced selection pipeline similar to Modo


I’m a Modo user and currently looking towards Blender. By now I’ve discovered a ton of awesome features in Blender. However, I couldn’t find some pipeline equivalents with the selection methods in Modo. I will be very grateful if anybody can help me to find out how to do the same in Blender using internal functionality or via an addon/script :

  1. Face/polygon loop selection:

There is “Edge loop” command in Blender but it works the same way with edges only.
The “mesh.loop_select” command from the Keymap editor is applied to single face under the cursor only instead of multiple selected polys.

  1. Fill the selection area underneath the mouse. If your mouse is over unselected geometry, it will select it.
  1. Next Loop selection
  1. Select another mesh while staying in Edit mode. This feature saves a lot of time.
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Some sort of solution for №1:

Unfortunately both solutions aren’t the same simple method like in Modo. I don’t know why Blender doesn’t have build in option for loop selection

Regarding №4
Awesome KeKit, made by Modo script developer Kjell Emanuelson, has the function for this. It’s called “Get&Set Edit Mode”