Advanced Transform

Idea for mirror can you make it that it will preview the mirror end result on hoverover before you apply it?

Thank you very much

I’m not sure what to do. It will be confusing.
Only if a transparent silhouette, but it will greatly affect the performance

Just as idea for maybe separate addon " advacen mirror" :slight_smile: . It could be interesting approach to not only mirror but also for bisect mirror? Where you can press button and select the axis by using this interactive preview and if you release the button it will bisect and mirror the mesh. In the moment i use the hardops mirror tool. It creates a gizmo where you can choose you want to mirror, mirror and bisect or just symmetry the mesh. Its very handy, but it is not interactive like yours( it needs 2 klicks. One to preview the gizmo and one for selecting axis you want mirror). That costs time especially i do it a lot of times. So to have it more interactive/based on view like advance transform would be nice tool.
Hardops mirror gizmo:

yes it was in the plans, but on a separate addon

Update for Blender 2.8!

Fixed in version 0.3:

  1. Fixed undo last action (Undo)
  2. Fixed moving from snapping to normals (SpaceBar)
  3. Fixed UI in the rotation tool without snapping to degrees (Left Mouse botton)
  4. Fixed work with variations Transform Orientation

What’s new in 0.3:

  1. For the Move tool, a possible tweak has been added (Press Shift key for Tweak New selection. Press Alt Key for Tweak with Current Selection)
  1. Removed plane. Now, as a visual assistant, another addon is used. “Ghost Manipulator” is a ghost of the manipulator, which is given a clear understanding of the current view plane and the current Transform Orientation. However, it does not interfere with the selection. It is possible to turn on and off using the button in the 3D View main menu.
  1. Reworked UI in the Rotation tool. To enable the UI Advanced Rotation when rotating without snapping to degrees, you must include the “Use Advanced Transform Rotation” in the preferences addon.

  2. Improved logic for rotation in both directions. Now, regardless of the rotation in a positive direction or in a negative filling scale, it will work in the expected way, just as you will see the correct values ​​of the rotation.

  3. Added the ability to select the size of the binding for the Rotation isstrumt
    6 different variations, from 5 ° to 90 ° You can choose in the add-on settings.

  1. Updated as a UI logic for the Advanced Scale Mirror tool (Shift Key). A new UI will help you accurately select the axis to mirror the current selection.
  1. Updated as a UI logic for the Zore Scale tool in the Advanced Scale (SpaceBar Key). The new UI will help you accurately select the axis to scale to 0 the current
  1. Added the ability to assign HotKey in addon settings. Thanks pitiwazou for sample code

Upgrading 0.3 will help you to perform the most frequently used actions even faster and more comfortably, without unnecessary actions and not aiming at small details of the interface. It has become even more intuitive!


Could the “zero scale” be expanded with an option to align selected vertices to the last vertex selected?

Would be great to have an option to adjust or turn the border off in transform mode. This flickering if you do it a lot is pretty annoying.
I also noticed that edge slide dosen’t work on vertex mode which if you use the regular transform mode is possible and the orbit(?) rotation pressing R twice seems not to work.

Also the buttom of the ghost manipulation seems to be in a fixed position. If you rerange the 3dviewport window it looks like this:

Is it possible that you make an option to choose the previous plane or the new gizmo? Because the new Gizmo looks sometimes a bit weird to me if you select a edge (because the gizmo is perfectly aligned with the edge) like this :

I didn’t had this with the big plane approach so it would be a bit sad to stick with the new gizmo.


set pivot point “active”

Flickering ?
I will correct soon edge slide and rotation twice
No, I will not return the plane, but it is obvious that you need to do it gizmo

The white border that appears if you go to the advanced transform mode. If you use it frequently and fast it give you a feel of “flickering”.

Than maybe a option to scale the new gizmo?

Fix slide, fix Flickering, fix R twice
minor changes to the “ghost manipulator”
Please download from gumroad



use transform orietation, custom or normal

new tool Extrude
Left mouse button - Mouse direction extrude
Right mouse button - Normal extrude
Middle mouse button - Individual extrude
5 mouse button = default extrude (similar to “E”) (13.3 KB)

Turn off the standard extrude hotkey (E) or assign your hotkey


Update AT
Up performance start rotation
Please download from gumroad


Поменял дефолтные хоткеи и стали происходить странные вещи. В случайном порядке происходит перемещение. Аддон активируется но работает в случайном порядке(вместо перемещения происходит box select ).

Ты поставил на 1 хоткей 2 действия. Переназначь box select на другой хрткей

Blender сейчас у меня из коробки(хоткеи все дефолтные) На box select назначено B (по дефолту, ничего не менял) Просто поставил аддон и назначил alt w. Кстати я попробовал поставить на клавишу W и все работает нормально. Комбинация alt+w ничем не занята в object mode.

Это из-за того что альт это занята самим скриптом, если назначишь на W и потом в инструменте зажмешь alt то будет работать как твик тул, то есть ты не выйдешь из мува

С шифтом такая же ситуация, как и с alt. Если ctrl назначить, то работает(ctrl+w например)