Advanced tutorials

Are there advanced tutorials for interactive 3d? Which discribes more complicated things of interactive 3d? I’ve got the feeling there only are “the first few steps” tutorials except for some very specificated tutorials,

lol, have you searched the forum before posting all this posts lol :wink: :slight_smile: ,
i dont know of anny advansed tuturials, i discoverd the most things i know of blender by myself, or by looking at other games made in blender, thats the best edvice i can give you 8)

besides, do you know the basics yet?

Is there a search function? lol :smiley: . And by the way, where do I find those editeble games? I only found “run-only games”.[/quote]

i DONT think he can annything, he cant even texture objects! ok, sorry me, i am just a bit angry becaus “someone” flodded the game engine forum :expressionless:

mehbe you shold have looked at the top of the forum beofre asking…

Ok. But don’t get angry, please. I hate it when people get angry :-?

I think it has been an odd morning on this forum

calm down a little, ask fewer questions at once. It is highly unlikely you will use the answers for all (or even more than perhaps 2) of these questions in one day, asking so many questions doesn’t get you very far.

Try looking at the sticky threads, and go a few pages deep into this fourm. Next time you have a question do a few searches on this forum, and perhaps a couple on google.

also, go to and click documentation on the left. There is TONS of good information there about blender, and a good deal about gameblender.

Ok. From now on.

%| Holy smokes, so many posts on the same day!!!

Lol, definitely use the search function. When you’re in the forums look at the upper right and click search. Some of these questions have already been answered before.

Lol, some people like Norj might get a bit annoyed. Lol, I was certainly surprised to see all these posts by the same person. Take it one step at a time.

Jason Lin

yeah… im sorry i just have a bad day “again” + i am much deprest and angry %| …