Advanced use of particles for fur

I am currently trying to model and animate a monkey (Capuchin) for a short animation that I am doing. I would like to make the fur in it look realistic. I am looking for any tutorials or advice/insight into more advanced modelling with particles. Much like the fur in BBB characters, I want to be able to color it accordingly and also make it going in different directions based on where on the body. I would also like to use different lengths. I have been playing around with the new particle mode and editing them, but I cant seem to get what I am looking for. i have also done basic vertex groups for different areas, but it seems like there has to be a better way. If anyone knows of any more information it would be greatly appreciated. Or if anyone would like to make a tutorial on techniques for the different tools for editing particles that would be awesome.


this shoudl give a good intro to hair system


Here are some tutorials on advanced fur texturing,

One suggestion would be to emit fur particles based on a texture, it is explained in the fur2 tut.

Those help out alot, thanks. Is it possible to use an alpha map to determine characteristics like length/direction as well? I downlaoded some of the characters from BBB to check them out and it seems they have several mapped images, for skin color and fur color, and such…

Congrats on your BWC entry as well!!

Heh, thanks.

I think that the greyscale alpha texture that determines particle emission also effects the length.