Advanced use of particles for fur

I am currently trying to model and animate a monkey (Capuchin) for a short animation that I am doing. I would like to make the fur in it look realistic. I am looking for any tutorials or advice/insight into more advanced modelling with particles. Much like the fur in BBB characters, I want to be able to color it accordingly and also make it going in different directions based on where on the body. I would also like to use different lengths. I have been playing around with the new particle mode and editing them, but I cant seem to get what I am looking for. i have also done basic vertex groups for different areas, but it seems like there has to be a better way. If anyone knows of any more information it would be greatly appreciated. Or if anyone would like to make a tutorial on techniques for the different tools for editing particles that would be awesome.


I too am disappointed with Blenders particle systems. They seem so sub-standard comapared to features in other packages. Each time I revisit them, I hit a wall and go oh, that’s all they do but I need this.

Not to turn this into a debate, but like everything in blender there is a right and wrong way of doing things. If you look at BBB are you really going to argue the results are "sub-standard "?

There is a text tutorial on the BBB DVD, that might help?? super blenderboy3 on has some tutorials that cover hair. I personally have not spent much time on hair in blender so I really could not help much…

I agree, koots2, it does not need to be a debate, but why can’t I have particles of random size? Why don’t my billboards follow a path and align to the path? These are basic show stoppers for me that other packages have included for a decade or more.

I can’t begin to understand those of you who are dissapointed in Blender’s particle system, it may not use the same processes as you may be used too, but it is VERY powerful.

Atom… this is for you.

Archiman86… fur isn’t something you can just toss on a model and get great results, it takes a lot of work and understanding of what you wish to accomplish. Here’s the best info I currently know of.


Here is my problem with particles along path. They do not align to the path, they can only align to X,Y,Z,View and Velocity. The list neeeds extended to include the path that the particle is traveling down.

Consider the pictures. Particle #5 does not align to the path. This is a major flaw in the system. Particle 5 should be pointing down the slope of the curve it is traveling along.

Also consider the mapping problem. The billboard particle does not seem to be able to map a proceduraly based texture to a particle.

I include the blend file that produces these problems.


ras_particles_along_curves_1a.blend (162 KB)

Here is another problem with the particle system.

I have setup a predator-prey simulation using the boids feature. I have set my particle type to group and I dupligroup both the predator and the prey emitters.

The predator and prey are external linked blend file. These external linked files have animated groups.

Download the 3 blender files and place them all in the same folder (to preserve the external link). then open up “ras_boids_predator_prey_simulation.blend”.

Run the simulation and you will see that the particle system does use parts of the external groups for the particles, but it ignores the animation included in the group. If you view the predator_source and the prey_source, you will see that each of these external files are animated.

If you look at the attached image you will see that white streak is the exhaust from the ship that should be coming out of the back end of the green V (predator) ship.

The blender particle system does not correctly bind the predator particle exhaust system to the dupligrouped particles it is generating. This is certainly a coding error in the particle system itself.

The particle system also does not obey any rotation of the externally linked dupligrouped particle. So there is no way to make your “spaceship” face forward.


ras_boids_predator_prey_simulation.blend (174 KB)ras_boids_predator_source.blend (339 KB)ras_boids_prey_source.blend (184 KB)

I did a little more experimenting and discovered that there is indeed a bug in the Append Link portion of Blender.

I have attached a blend file which is the same boid_predator_prey_simulation but instead of linking to the external files as mentioned in the above post, I simply did a direct append.

The result of this is that the animation of the dupligroups is working but the particle system exhaust still is not correctly recognized by the dupligroup portion of the particle system and just sits there spewing out at the emitters origin.


ras_boids_predator_prey_1c.blend (415 KB)

Atom, in your first example you have one particle system which is then ripped onto two curve effecters. You are not actually using “paths” at all. I would not expect the billboards to follow the “curve” precisely.

Also there is no problem with mapping a procedural texture to a billboard, you just UV map it to the emmitter object.

Your other postings may indeed be “bugs”, are you getting them posted to the bug tracker or just complaining here?

If there is something you NEED to do, it would be best to ask in your own thread for advice, instead of hijacking a different thread.



Yeah, I am just complainin’…
My creativity is stopped by the limitations in the particle system of Blender. The real kicker is that all the major 3D software packages can do what I want to do. Where is superspray when you need it?