advanced Vertex Slide

Is there a way, for two or more selected Vertices, to “Vertex Slide” in opposite directions / in a radial manner ?
I think that would be quite useful.

EDIT: I know, Edge Slide works this way for some cases, but not in this case.


Not that I know of, however you could always select each vert individually then double tap G and enter the exact value you want it to slide along the edge. If you do it for all 4 verts you will achieve the effect you were hoping for.

I was going to say to double tap G as well for each one. You can also scale them, but that won’t slide them. :\

This might sound retarded but,

“correct UVs” seemed to do the trick

Edit: nope never mind didn’t work.

I was thinking about posting this as kind of a feature request somewhere.
I just want to make sure it doesn’t work allready. And I like to know if such feature would be welcome and useful in general.

This is definitely a hack, but you can duplicate the object, select the original object,edit mode select verts, turn on snapping, faces, snap to other objects, and then scale using median point, the scaled verts will be snapped onto the copied object which is effectively like a multi vert edge slide.