Advantage PressurePro TPMS video test ~10s $300 USD

Hello, I’m a business partner with Advantage PressurePro.

Were looking to step up our marketing game & create some pretty intense videos/animations.

The product is TPMS. Our sensor is external, and fits on the valve stem of the vehicle. Commercial vehicles are not required by law to have this product, but most owners want the data along with the knowledge of knowing about an issue before it causes a problem.

I’m wanting to make a test video of a crash due to a blown tire.
*The test video should be 8-10 seconds.
*Realism, I need everyone watching this clip to go “That’s crazy how did *you guys get a peterbilt and crash it?”
*No audio needed for the final video or the test video.
*Test Video pays $300 USD
*Work is 100% remote
*I don’t have a set deadline I need to get the train moving
*Final format preferred is mp4

Thank you for your interest. Please don’t hesitate to reach out marcus @ pressurepro . us

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Hi there,

I would be glad to assist you.
Mail sent. Kindly check it.

Lauren W.