Advent WIP (Texture Artist Needed)

So I haven’t got much, but I have a rigged non-textured character who will be the person you play as. I know it’s extremely low-poly, but I’ve been playing the PSX Metal Gear Solid, and it’s a very strong influence for the game I’m making. I like low-poly art style, and low-poly textures for some reason. It gives it a nice feel.

Nice. The overall structure of the model looks decent, you have enough loops for the joints, and It looks like it deforms good. I’m looking foward to the rest.


Thanks. And it looks like I’ve finally found a reason to have this gun model I made a while ago.

I just really need a texture artist.

ha ha! Nice! It looks really epic! Kind of looks like lego, but in real life, it’s weird, but really cool. The gun is nice, too. The only crit I have so far is it looks a bit messed up at the elbow on the gun picture… Doesn’t it?
The model is good, just make sure to make it have a texture before it goes to the game engine, that way it’ll look better in your demo ;).

Good job, and keep up the good work,

thanks, and yeah, there are some mess-ups, but i think they won’t be noticeable when it’s a textured object. and here is one more “beauty render” before i try texturing or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be happy to texture the main character you’ve made. Just send me the .blend of him, I’ll unwrap etc, let me know how you want it.

Hahaha that’s awesome. It looks like he has a “tiki” head :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like that last screenie. He deforms perfect too!!!

ok, awesome. i’ll send it to you. and i’ve got the basic model of a office place. it could be a good demo.

edit: @Zootanore: thanks! and yeah, i dunno how to do a very good low-poly head. :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve decided to take a quick stab at texturing. more as a way to show Mad Hatteur what i meant when i was explaining what kind of texture i was wanting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks very original. I think the texture shouldn’t become too complex, or it will ruin the original style.

thanks. yeah, i don’t want it to be too complex either. i’m wondering how i should do the face…

nice looking modle, simple is key for blender ge (from my exp anyhow, ant much). if ya wanna post a blend with some of the stuff you need textured idd like to give it a try.

In my opinion, the texture should only be some baked ao. The quick stab you’ve posted is already too complex. If you want a more complex texture, you should have a more complex model.

Maybe not a texture at all?! Just materials would be pretty simple.

But these are just opinions, the last call is up to you zymn.

Let me know zymn, before I texture it. If I texture it, it would be a lot more detailed, and probably not fit the model well.

hmm… i’d like the texture to be as simple as that, but maybe some shaded areas since my comp doesn’t support GLSL. and definitely less messed up gloves. i really don’t like Blender’s built in texture tool because of how it over-laps at the seams.

so i think i know of the perfect thing to make this the kind of game i want. Cray’s Third person template. i think it’s exactly what i need, especially if i can figure out how to include gun shooting.

MATRIX!!! WOO HOOO!! Sorry, lol, I like the 3rd picture. I think you should just use Doggie’s idea and make a AO texture with blender or XNormal. (XNormal is soooo much better). And then maybe give it a simple texture ;p Looks good so far :), Crays template is awesome, but you should just use it as a guide line because there is a lot of un-needed things on it :slight_smile:

yeah, but how can i make an ambient occlusion map and still have the texture i made on the character? i really don’t know how to do that. and i just might (if it’s even possible) have bullet time. i dunno. what i’m going for in this is maybe like… Metal Gear Solid meets Max Payne.

It’s really easy! Make sure you have a UV texture, doesn’t matter what the UV map was on it, just as long the Unwarp has a texture. Then just go to the render(F10) options, and where it says “Anim”, change the tab to “Bake”. Change it from “Full Render” To “Ambient Occlusion”, then just click “Bake” and watch your AO map bake on to your Texture. (It’s seamless if it’s unwrapped properly) Ok, that’s it!