Adventure Beetle

Got asked a couple of times how I blended the road/plants. So here’s the same copy&paste answer :slight_smile:

Basically, feathering by density.

Multiple particle hair systems with multiple density vertex groups over multiple files :smiley: Everything is linked to the main file for the final render.

None of the particle system have a visible emitter so I can edit the ground texture at any point in the main file. Of course, If I change the geometry of the ground I’ll also have to change it for all the files with the particle systems.

Hope this makes sense (Display amount not at 100%):



Question about the shot below…
If you look through the back windshield you can see the telephone poles ahead, they look out of focus (as with the rest of the background) but also the weed on the right closest to the camera looks out of focus (same as in the clay render)…

How is that done ?


Depth of Field (DOF) is a simple checkbox under the camera settings. You can either set a fixed focus distance or select an object the camera will focus on. That way you can move the camera freely without having to change the focus distance all the time.

Higher Focal Length (mm) = More DOF
Lower F stops = More DOF

Ahh… should have known, i was thinking different scenes or something like that. Thanks for the explanation.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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