Adventure game in the making-need programmers and artists

Hi, im new here and I’m new to Blender. I am working on this game called Private Eye Jack and I had a couple of my programmer and artist friends ditch me a couple of days before we started the game… I was working on the storyline and we were doing the game in RPG TOOLKIT, when we started thinking we wanted the game to be in 3D. They were really good and I was pretty much the leader of the project, so I continued the story and they just ditched me. I am good at art and a good programmer too, except that i’m not familiar with the game engine or the 3D modeler on Blender and was wondering if anyone could help me here. I would really enjoy it if a couple of ppl joined the team to start the game. We have a website at We have some screenshots but RPG TOOLKIT was too simple. If you guys want to hear the story so far or are interested plz post or send me an email to [email protected]
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I would like to hear the story, and maybe even volenteer as a modeler. I’m preparing a gallery soon so you can see my work.


Hey well I just worked out the beginning of the story with my friend in class so… here it is.

Takes place in 2030-Mafia has ruled the world for 5 years
“Private Eye Jack is walking down a gravel road. He walks past “Jimmy’s Shop and Go.” The landscape is all desert. No plant life at all. Then Jack sees a car in the distance and all of a sudden his cell phone rings. He answers… “Private Eye Jack.” Then a mysterious voice answers…“Jack we have a new mission for you…” Screen fades to black and credits fade by.
The game starts on the same road, the car keeps coming in the distance(after Jack answers phone).15 seconds go by and the car is very close… The car passes Jack, the car is black and sleek. It has tinted windows, 2 dark figures are visible in the front. The left window rolls down and Jack extinctively jumps on the ground. He is smart, a gun is pushed out of the car, bullets fly. WIZZ! WHIRR! The gun fire ceases after about 10 seconds, the car is long gone. Everything in sight is full of bullet holes except for Jack. He has a dark smile on his face. He says “Try again Julian (mob boss)…”-Dramatic music fades to the real game…”

It could use some improvement but we want this to be like the base.
If you got any ideas that we could add to the story plz post.

oh yeah, how do you get the colors and everything to show up on the render screen? When I push the button and I added a lamp and color and everything the render screen is all black…I almost had a good pic of what we want Private Eye Jack to look like.

I like the story thus far…its very “Max Payne”. I don’t really see anything that indidates it takes place in the future though. :confused: And by the way, if he dives on the ground “extinctively” that means his species dies out.

I like the story thus far…its very “Max Payne”. I don’t really see anything that indidates it takes place in the future though.
Yes, I agree. I’d love to see that in a hybrid “modern (current) age - western” type of setting. Also I would leave the smile and the “try again Julian”, and create a game where you try to find out what is happening, why, and because of who, while you are actually doing what those other people want you to do.

And by the way, if he dives on the ground “extinctively” that means his species dies out.
yup, it’s instinctively.

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woops, i knew i probably spelled instinctively wrong :expressionless:
Well I think Max Payne is going to be one of our main models for the game. I want it to turn out like that, yet at the same time be totally different. I really appreciate the help, I think we will make it sort of a westernish type of game maybe not as far into the future though, but still modern. :stuck_out_tongue:
oh yeah, I was wondering what language or script or code I need to learn to make games on Blender?

hey, well is there anyone else that might want to volunteer?
I think I’ll just make the 3D models on blender and find a better game engine. I really want this to be hella good. I’m thinking of making multiple endings.

well i dont really think your going to find a better free cg program with a game engine built in… lol but every man has a dream i guess.

give me a pm, and more ifno i might be interasted (im good at modeling low poly weaspons and architecture)

pm me and tell me what needs to be done, would like to look into it and see what i can do.


Really cool story so far- for some reason I think that you shouldn’t use “Private Eye” in his name. Sounds cheesy to me for some reason.

Look at the post date on the guys posts. (2003)

soooo old he said “hella”