Adventure Game (screenshot test)

No name for this project yet but show you some screenshoots.

wow nice work with the shading!

can I join? I could help in coding, and I can give really good ideas for the game.

Hello here is some new screens

@Mico27 thanks :slight_smile:

@laky_spy, yes i need some andvanced coders who falmiliar in c, python, or glsl languages :slight_smile:

width some trees

shadowmap test

cocncepts and character models will be soon…

is that just bad jpeg compression, or is there a bit of bloom in the first shot? the level looks great by the way.

How are you going to do the water?

the bloom effect in the fist post is fake and created in gimp
and the real water effect (reflect refract) is not possible as i know, until then i searching for an other solution.