Adventure Game Studio
I want to make a 2D rpg, and after doing some tests with blender, realized that with my scripting knowledge, ( very minimal ) It would be next to impossible, so i tried this program, that makes specifically RPG style games. I find it pretty handy for the task, and of course its 10 times better if you create the sprites and anims,…and backgrounds, in,…blender ( naturally ) so, anyway, the basic generic default idea is this: You import a background, then, using basic microsoft paint type tools, section areas, for, where the character walks for instance. which areas he goes behind, which he goes in front of, the edges of the room, etc, then,…you designate hotspots to activate bits of script, or anims, when clicked on. you make walk cycles for your character from ideally 8 different views, designate the transparent background color, stuff like that,…anyway, you get your character walking around from all angles, then you just click where you want him to go and he finds his way there. you make a bunch of different rooms, with anims, and plots, and you can also make cut scene animations, and of course many things once you learn how to script. The default character that comes with it is really ugly but I didn’t have too much trouble replacing him with one I made in blender.

I’ve used AGS before, and I have to say it rocks! It has gone so far beyond emulating the old sierra engines, and Chris (the developer) is extremely open to adding new features per request. I’m personally aiming to use it for a project of mine that’s been in the works for several years(mostly because I’m too lazy to finish anything, and because an early incarnation of my game was lost in a careless HDD-wipe) I am, however, allergic to using 3d in adventuregames, mainly because of nostalgia, but have been toying with the idea to use the toon-shader in Blender. Currently, though, I do feel blender’s edge-effect is not sofisticated enough for my needs.