adventure game

Hi i always asking for people to make an adventure game, i need a programer, some low poly artist and a 2d artist to make an adventure game proyect. No problem of the nacionality only need people who like to finish a game. For programing skills need the basic thing in this kind of game, inventory dialogue system,etc something similar of rpg but with out the fighting and the ai. For the artist somebody specialist in background, and characters. The style is toon.
The idea is make an small demo with a few rooms and 2 puzzles, interact with others characters and convine objects of the inventory.
I take a look of two examples one the monkey island 5 demo and other i can’t remember but was a great implementation of 3d like grim fandango.
There are a lot of rpg, and fps rounding here and i think blender is perfect for this kind of game. The idea is not to recreate the old stuff of this adventure is to make something close to ank serie or dreamfall 2

Pd its a free proyect with the idea to make it comercial and have benefits with that but at the bigining will be a free proyect and open


About the story and game play:

It’s the end of the world, a meteor is about to fall on earth. Life becomes unbearable, cold, rain, the sky undergoes various changes. The only answer is a man whose past lives, can save the world.
You’ll take control of 5 different characters in their lives in search of items to stop the meteorites and life saving.
In each life one must solve puzzles and find different legacy in each of the lives ah left to change the future.
Every life will have its unique characteristics, being able to explore the past of the main character to meet your goal in life and solving the different tests in parallel before the time comes to an end.

The game will be in 3rd person, using the movement keys and mouse to view. Each life stage has its divided into different parts in order to provide good quality and speed of the game. Small rooms with different puzzles, both logically and speak, of objects and skill.
Here is a wip of the game character, i need help with the rig and make some actions like walk, run, , talk, take, idle anybody?

if you need animation help, I’m working on expanding my skills. Mind if I give it a shot?

If you need any models I will be happy to help out ;D

I could be a programmer ( basically Logic bricks stuff).

For programing skills need the basic thing in this kind of game, inventory dialogue system,etc

is this going to be an online game?? or what is meant with dialogue?

thanks nickdesel, the programing part is cover, and is not an online game, look what i mean

is grim fandango

I see thats cool :slight_smile:

I think what thinchopunk means is talking to a character.
Edit: Okay never mind my post was too late.

Yeah the video told me :wink:

having some problems with his collar

if someone else could rig him properly, I’ll be able to do the animation

it´s not a dead project it´s moving :wink: look

some screen of the game we need help with the rigg and animation

more screens

some characters

The environment looks really good. And the characters are very well textured. I Guess they are really low poly?

Absolutly low poly at about 500 faces :slight_smile:

Perfect! What do you need to do next?

rigg and animation for the characters that´s all the rest it´s almost finish