adventure games

I want to create adventure games like myst,crystal key, Syberia,etc. Can blender do a point and click type thing with rendered graphics. Im familiar with the 3d engine, but not sure how to do : have a raytraced jpg on full screen and have hotspots that the player can click to go to another raytraced scene,etc. Also can avis be played and have hotspots that cn be clicked and move the player to another avi? Thanks for any help.

A point and click adventure game is certainly possible. My horror contest entry is a hybrid of this style of gameplay, with 3d environments. Wait a few more days and it’ll be ready for release. Hopefully by the end of this weekend.

For embedded movies you need FMV-ed, but I don’t know where you’d find it or how to use it. I’ve never experimented with it myself.

Take a look at the Monkey Island 5 demo.

Bah with Blender if you want to do a 2d game, go to and download Adventure Game Studio. It’s a lot easier to use than Blender for this sort of thing, and you can import your pre-rendered graphics for it.

Loads of people have made adventure games like what you describe with it and there is a really big fanbase to answer any questions you might have.

Potential problem: Windows only.

Why on earth is this idea so popular all of a sudden?
Here’s my demo:

This shows how to make a realtime point-and-click game.

Plantperson …i couldn’t connect to your host to check out your demo.

Boy am I having trouble hosting that file!!! It’s on JD’s server, maybe he pulled it.

just make it in blender!
its not that hard

Friedbrain: It’s still there, no problem geting it. :stuck_out_tongue: maybe I was gaming on that time or watching pron. :smiley: