Adventure of Akin-wip

hello people this is a wip that I and my friend
he and I are the group Grape. We are looking for someone who can
help in any area that my friend gets the rig and actions
I in the game engine. Q We need someone to model scenarios
enemies or even textures of the characters would help a lot.
this is a test of the videos;.

Wow! That’s really quite good :smiley: . Is it all made with Blender?

that’s pretty good! Nice job :wink:

yes yes it’s all in the blender xD

Sweet. lol

hello friends I and my friend
we conclude a few things in the game
here’s the video
assess please xD
thanks :slight_smile:

Wow very well done. I really liked how you can add armor and weapons. So correct me if I’m wrong, but you want someone to help create scenarios (aka maps/levels) and/or model enemies?
PM me if you want my help, and keep up the good work.

hello Thanks for rating xD
yes I want someone who can model any enemy
and can also help with the texture of the enemy that model.
if you can help for sure you will be in team xD
I can even say “welcome to the team Grape”
if you want to join team let me know I will talk to my friend

hello again guys
I’ll show you a video I made just now
is a mod of a right-wing black
is not very nice but I’ll improve it so that I have a designer on the team
my friend he just makes rig and actions

hello Im make a new map
thank peoples

Wow! That new map is looking great!

ohh thanks
here is a testing video intro and a small menu test
with another scenario that I
I hope you like


Hello friends I made new things in the game
following video